Operation steps of assembling corrugated steel culvert

Aug. 26, 2017

The construction process of the corrugated steel culvert has been paid close attention to, in the construction process, sometimes need to be assembled, assembly requires preparation and operation skills.

1, construction preparation: check culvert bottom roughness, elevation and basic camber setting, determine the location, the central axis and the midpoint of the culvert.

2, assemble the bottom board: take the center axis and the midpoint as the datum.

3, assemble the ring ring and assemble it from bottom to top.

4, the length of each meter after assembly molding, to determine the shape of the cross-section, to achieve the standard, and then continue to assemble, can not meet the standards, should be adjusted in a timely manner.

5, after installation, evenly coated two asphalt inside and outside the tube.

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corrugated steel culvert

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