How to check the corrugated metal culvert

Jan. 09, 2017

Corrugated metal culvert is widely used. How should we check the quality of corrugated metal culvert is qualified?

1, check the appearance of corrugated culvert. Corrugated culvert before and after the installation parts welding can not have cracks and scars, avoid the impact of the use.

2, check the leakage of corrugated pipe culvert. The corrugated steel culvert insists on the air pressure or air pressure which is applied to the maximum working pressure in the length or the length of the setting. When entering the water to keep the pressure for more than 1 minutes, coated foam check pressure.

3, corrugated culvert pressure check. Keep the length of state under 1 and 5 times the maximum working pressure. The pressure can not view the damage, and leakage of water for deformation.

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corrugated steel headwalls

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