Construction Measures of Steel Corrugated Culvert

Jul. 21, 2020

The exit temperature of the concrete should not be lower than 10°C, and the transportation equipment should have thermal insulation measures, and the transportation time should be shortened to the greatest extent. The entering temperature should not be lower than 5°C. When corrugated pipe culverts are used in highway maintenance projects, after the culvert body and the main parts of the opening are transported to the construction site, the construction unit can start the work of removing the old culvert. While removing the old culvert, it should pay attention to the preparation of the foundation data and complete the preparation. And after passing the inspection, the excavation work of the foundation pit can be stopped.

Construction measures of steel corrugated culvert pipe

At the junction of the river bed and in and out of the U air and within a certain range of the side slope, double-layer mortar masonry stones or a thousand masonry stones should be laid to avoid erosion. And make necessary anti-seepage treatment; in order to avoid the roadbed soil blocking the culvert opening, at the intersection of the opening and the embankment, make a certain height and thickness of mortar masonry or dry masonry stone wall (lead wire cage can also be used) for protection. The ambient temperature during welding should not be lower than -20℃, and measures such as snow and wind protection should be taken to reduce the temperature difference of the weldment.

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe

It is strictly forbidden for the welded joint to come into contact with ice and snow immediately. Highway steel bellows culvert design and construction technology The entrance and exit of culverts with scouring should be equipped with corresponding adjustment structures according to the requirements, and the openings should be treated as necessary according to the topographical conditions to prevent the openings from being scoured and affecting the drainage capacity of the culvert. Concrete transportation vehicles must have thermal insulation measures to minimize the transportation time of concrete.

When both sides of the culvert pass through the low-lying water accumulation zone, it is necessary to first set up a cofferdam, drain the accumulated water, and when necessary, also need to clean up and replace the local silt. Special attention should be paid to the protection of the power supply line. The switch box of the on-site electromechanical equipment should be covered and moisture-proof. The wires should have good edges to prevent leakage and electric shock.

When metal corrugated culvert pipes are used in new highway projects, the preparation of foundation materials and the excavation of foundation pits can be grasped while culverts are purchased and transported. Construction measures for metal corrugated culvert in rainy season: When mixing concrete in winter, the mix ratio and slump of concrete should be strictly controlled, and the aggregate must not contain ice, snow and frozen mass. Before feeding, use hot water or steam to rinse the mixing plate or drum of the mixer.

The order of addition should be aggregate, water, and a little mixing before adding cement, and the mixing time should be 50% longer than that at room temperature. Construction should be arranged in advance during the rainy season and try to be completed before the rain arrives. There are waterproof facilities around the foundation pit to prevent surrounding water from flowing into the foundation pit. Increase the frequency of sand and stone water content testing, and adjust the concrete mix in time to ensure the quality of concrete mixing.

Concrete pouring should be done on a sunny day and ensure that it is completed before cooling down. At the same time, it should be insulated and maintained. The concrete should not be frozen until the strength of the concrete reaches the design requirements. The metal corrugated culvert shall be covered to strengthen the coverage to prevent corrosion. When connecting metal corrugated culvert pipes, temporary rain sheds should be set up to prevent erosion by rain.

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