Construction Scheme of Metal Corrugated Culvert In Different Seasons

Apr. 01, 2020

Corrugated metal pipe manufacturers introduce construction plans for winter, rainy and hot seasons.

I. Construction measures of corrugated metal culvert pipe in winter:

1. The ambient temperature during welding should not be lower than -20 ℃, and measures such as snow protection and wind protection should be adopted to reduce the temperature difference of the weldment. It is strictly forbidden to come into contact with ice and snow immediately after welding.

2. When mixing concrete in winter, the mix ratio and slump of the concrete shall be strictly controlled, and the aggregate shall not carry ice and snow and frozen lumps. Before feeding, the mixer pan or drum should be rinsed with hot water or steam. The order of adding materials should be aggregate and water first, and then add the cement after a little stirring, and the stirring time should be extended by 50% than that at normal temperature.

3. The concrete should be poured on a sunny day, and it should be completed before the temperature is lowered. At the same time, it should be insulated and maintained. It should not be frozen before the strength of the concrete reaches the design requirements.

4. The exit temperature of the concrete should not be lower than 10 ℃. The transportation equipment should have insulation measures, and the transport time should be minimized. The mold entry temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃.

5. Concrete transportation vehicles should have thermal insulation measures to minimize the transport time of concrete.

Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe China

 Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe China

Construction measures for corrugated metal culvert pipe China in rainy season:

1. The construction in the rainy season should be arranged in advance, and it should be arranged as soon as possible before the rain arrives. There are waterproof facilities around the foundation pit to prevent surrounding water from flowing into the foundation pit.

2. Increase the frequency of sand and stone water content detection and adjust the concrete mix ratio in time to ensure the quality of concrete mixing.

3. Strengthen the covering of metal corrugated culverts to prevent corrosion. When connecting metal corrugated culverts, temporary rain shelters should be provided to prevent rainwater erosion.

4. Special attention should be paid to the protection of power supply lines. The electrical box of the on-site electromechanical equipment should be covered and protected from moisture. The wires should be well insulated to prevent leakage and electric shock.

Construction measures for metal corrugated culverts in hot weather:

1. During the hot-phase concrete construction, cooling water treatment measures should be adopted for mixing water to control the concrete pouring temperature below 30 ° C, and the impact of high temperature on concrete slump loss should be considered. Concrete must not be stirred with water during transportation.

2. If conditions are available, cover the sun, reduce the temperature of the formwork and the steel bar; you can also spray water on the formwork and steel bar to reduce the temperature, but there must be no accumulated water or adhered water in the formwork when pouring concrete.

3. The concrete transport vehicle should have a mixing device, and the tank should have sun protection measures. The concrete should be stirred slowly and uninterrupted during transportation, and the transportation time should be minimized.

4. The formwork should be removed at a lower temperature within one day, and the concrete surface should be moisturized and maintained for no less than 7 days after demoulding.

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