Correct Inspection Methods for Steel Corrugated Culvert

Sep. 08, 2020

Steel corrugated culvert pipes must be carefully inspected before they leave the factory, and the correct inspection methods must be mastered. This is the responsibility of the majority of customers and friends. So what are the general methods?

Impact attempt

The method to survey the toughness (or impact toughness) of steel corrugated culvert pipes. Process the sample into a prescribed pattern (there is a notch with a different beginning on the sample), shake the sample back and forth with a heavy hammer on the testing machine, which is called impact energy, the symbol is Akv, and the unit is Joule, or J.


In the above-mentioned attempts, after trying to break, the ratio of the original gauge length to the original gauge length is called the elongation, which is represented by the symbol τ and the unit is 100%.

Buckling attempt

The specimen is buckled under hot or cold conditions, the steel corrugated culvert pipe is bent 90 degrees or 120 degrees, and the steel corrugated culvert pipe is experienced in buckling. Different steel corrugated culvert pipes have different buckling angles and buckling effects. Diameters have different requirements.

Tension try

On the tensile testing machine, the following final results can be obtained after the position extension of the sample:

Flexion point (flexible strength)

Under the force of the tensile machine, the sample is long, the elongation of the sample is proportional to the tension at the start, and the sample still shrinks to its original size when the tension is removed. This variation of the sample is called elastic deformation. After the tension continues to increase, the sample is extended, but after the external force is eliminated, the sample

But no longer shrink to the original length, this kind of variation is called a normative variation. The moment when the elastic deformation point transforms into the normative deformation is called the flexion point. Its representative symbol is σb and the unit is MPa or N/mm2.

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipes

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipes

tensile strength

In the above-mentioned attempts, when the sample undergoes a typical deformation, the tension increases, and the sample is finally broken. The force at this moment is the tensile strength, its representative symbol is σb, and the unit is MPa or N/mm2.

Reduction of area (or shrinkage)

The above-mentioned sample is in the back of the Ladian. The ratio of the necking of the section of the back of the Ladian to the size of the original fracture plane or the surface of the object is called the reduction of area. Its representative symbol is φ and the unit is 100%.

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