Corrugated Culvert Pipe Construction Precautions

Jun. 26, 2023

5 precautions before the construction of corrugated culvert pipe

1. Before culvert construction, prepare relevant materials, personnel and equipment to enter the site, and do a good job of safety protection during the construction period, fence the slope of the roadbed to prevent stones and other objects from slipping and injuring people.

2. Foundation treatment, backfill sand and gravel or masonry chip concrete. Level the substrate, refill 30-1250px thick sand and gravel material.

Corrugated Culvert Pipe

Corrugated Culvert Pipe

3. steel corrugated culvert pipe construction, using the method of segmental construction, in advance in the original arch culvert substrate with two angles side by side, the length is determined according to the culvert length. For the steel culvert pipe to advance the slide rail, corrugated culvert pipe diameter according to the needs of the project can have different specifications, the whole pipe diameter for 0.5m - 2.5m; each section of the pipe length of about 3 meters. Adopt internal (external) flange bolt connection. The pipe diameter of the assembled culvert pipe is 3m - 8m. 4 - 15 plates are formed in each circumferential direction, and the plates are fastened with high strength bolts for lap joint.

4. If the culvert length is less than 30m, both sides of metal corrugated culvert pipe and the original culvert width is greater than 2000px, the whole metal corrugated culvert pipe can be pushed downstream or upstream to one end, and after it is in place, then the masonry of one end of retaining wall, backfilling around, can be backfilled with sand and gravel, gravel soil, masonry slate, etc., and the top is made of slurry slate or high pressure pumping expanded cement mortar.

5. If the culvert is longer than 30m, and the width of both sides of steel corrugated culvert pipe and original culvert is less than 2000px, the 3m-6m long culvert pipe can be pushed in downstream or upstream to one end, after it is in place, it can be fixed, masonry top sheet stone end wall, the spacing between the other end of steel corrugated culvert pipe and culvert is blocked with sandbags or slurry sheet stone, width 1250px, then start backfilling. Both sides can be compacted with coarse sand watertight method or poured concrete vibrating stick pounding; the top is pumped with high pressure expanded cement mortar. After the filling around this section of the pipe is finished, the second section of the pipe will be transported to and the connection of the two pipes will be made. The connection of the steel corrugated culvert pipe is made by the inner flange bolt connection, and the workers can be connected inside the pipe. After the connection is finished, the backfilling is carried out in the same way as above. In this order, the construction of the whole corrugated metal culvert pipe is completed.


Corrugated culvert pipe top filling

Before filling the top of corrugated culvert pipe, sufficient support should be set in the pipe, and the height of temporary support can be set by 1%-5% of vertical diameter elongation of corrugated pipe, so as to reserve the compression amount under the action of filling pressure.

Corrugated culvert pipe backfilling should be symmetrical and balanced on both sides of the pipe. The fill must be paved in layers and compacted layer by layer, the compacted thickness of each layer should not exceed 625px, and the compaction degree should be not less than 95%.

For the smaller area on the side of the pipe, small vibratory tampers can be used to compact, and other positions can be compacted with the same compaction machine as the general roadbed.

In the height range of 3/4 pipe diameter on both sides of pipe culvert and the height of filling at the top of pipe is less than the minimum allowable filling height, it should be especially compacted.

When the top of the corrugated culvert pipe does not reach the height listed in the above table, all motor vehicles should be prohibited from passing. When the top of the pipe has been filled to the minimum thickness, but still can not let the vibrating roller or heavy rammer work on it, the culvert top filling height is less than 10 meters, the use of vibrating roller and strong rammer is strictly prohibited.


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