Corrugated Culvert Pipe: Treatment Methods For Various Soil Foundations

Aug. 22, 2022

1. High-quality foundation


Unscreened sand, gravel, sandy gravel, and sandy soil are all ideal foundation materials, but it is necessary to remove hard materials such as stones of more than 10 cm.


2. General soil foundation


The general foundation with not too high bearing capacity needs a certain thickness of foundation. However, if the original soil of the culvert bottom groove is strictly compacted (its compacting degree reaches 90% or more of heavy compaction), the corrugated pipe can be placed on the foundation directly.



3. Soft ground


When the culvert pipe is on soft ground, it is necessary to treat the soft soil foundation, the culvert foundation treatment method is the same as the road foundation treatment method of the road section, and then fill a layer of quality gravel bedding layer more than 20 cm thick on it.


4. Rock foundation


The corrugated pipe can not be placed directly on the rock or concrete bed, because too rigid support, will not only reduce the wall itself has good flexibility, but also reduce the bearing capacity of the culvert pipe. So the rock foundation should be dug out part of the soft rock, replace with a layer of high-quality soil, the general thickness of the replacement is not less than 30 cm is appropriate and carefully tamped. Excavation of soft rock trench, can not use strong explosives and put deep hole gun, in order to avoid too much of the outer layer was blown loose. Rock weathering layer foundation can not be used as a foundation, need to be replaced with 3D width of high-quality soil.


5. Foundation bedding filling


The foundation bedding material adopts gravel soil or gravel filling, the thickness is 7-15 cm, and the maximum particle size should not exceed 12 mm.


6. Construction and sampling


The construction site is leveled, arrange the arrangement of various materials stacking site, organize the required mechanical equipment. Before construction, organize the surveyor to put out the pipe culvert axis according to the design document, hit a good middle side pile, spread the white gray line in the culvert pipe axis and the edge of the foundation range, and measure out the original ground elevation.


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