Corrugated metal culvert is widely used in mountain terrain

May. 16, 2017

Corrugated metal culvert is widely used in mountain terrain, the construction of expressways in mountainous areas often meets the need of deep filling in order to reach the final design requirements. Therefore, more and more culvert works under high fill embankments are produced.

Corrugated metal culvert pipe is the use of steel corrugated or corrugated steel by the arc plate through the connection, a self-contained assembly or formation of the culvert form. The existence of axial ripples can disperse the stress concentration of the load to a greater extent, and give full play to the advantages of steel structure, such as strong tensile, shear and fatigue resistance.

Moreover, it has low cost, convenient transportation, simple and fast construction, and good adaptability to deformation. Therefore, it has been widely used in mountainous terrain.

We can also supply the corrugated steel headwalls, spiral corrugated metal pipe etc. If you need, welcome to contact us.

Corrugated metal culvert

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