Corrugated metal pipe with stable performance and a wide range of applications

Apr. 09, 2021

Corrugated metal pipe with stable performance and a wide range of applications

Corrugated metal pipe is a perfect combination of strength, beauty, durability, economy and performance. More and more engineers and designers tend to choose corrugated metal pipes for culverts, rainwater channels, small bridges, grade separation and rainwater retention systems.

Corrugated metal pipes have a series of corrugated profiles and wall thicknesses. In order to extend their service life, various protective coatings are provided, including galvanized, aluminized and polymer coatings. Corrugated pipes can be made of steel or Made of aluminum, no protective coating is required. All these options allow designers and engineers to choose the appropriate pipes according to the actual applications.

Optional coating

Galvanized corrugated steel pipe, the galvanizing method is a standard method to improve the service life of steel. Studies have shown that the service life of the galvanized layer is about 25 years. The corrugated steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance to corrosive media and abrasives.

Polymer-coated corrugated steel pipes can withstand high concentrations of acid and alkali corrosion conditions. Its perfect performance exceeds that of any concrete pipe.

Benefits of corrugated metal pipes:



Easy to install



A range of sizes, thicknesses, materials and coatings are available.

Deep corrugations increase the strength of the pipeline.

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