Corrugated Pipe Culvert Anti-Corrosion Technology: Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Nov. 18, 2020

Hot-dip galvanizing: also called hot-dip galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing: it is an effective metal anti-corrosion method, mainly used in metal structure facilities in various industries. The rust-removed steel parts are immersed in a molten zinc solution at about 500°C to attach a zinc layer to the surface of the steel parts, thereby achieving the purpose of corrosion protection.

Cold galvanizing: It is electro-galvanizing, with a small amount of zinc, only 10-50g/m2, which is the process of using electrolysis to attach a metal film to the surface of metal or other materials. The process of forming a uniform, dense, and good-bonding metal layer can prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, and enhance aesthetics.

The difference between cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing

1. The corrosion resistance is different, hot-dip galvanizing is dozens of times that of cold galvanizing.

2. The method of operation is different: hot-dip galvanizing is galvanized in a molten zinc solution of 450-480 degrees, and cold-dip galvanizing is galvanized by electroplating or other methods at room temperature.

3. The thickness of the galvanized layer is different, and the thickness of hot-dip galvanizing is much greater than that of cold-dip galvanizing.

4. The surface smoothness is different, and the cold-dip galvanizing surface is smoother and better than the hot-dip galvanizing.

5. The price is different, the price of hot-dip galvanizing is higher than that of cold galvanizing.

6. Cold galvanizing can only be plated on one side, and hot-dip galvanizing must be fully plated.

7. Different adhesion, cold galvanizing is not as good as hot galvanizing.

8. The charging standards are different. Hot-dip galvanizing is charged according to the thickness of the material, and cold-dip galvanizing is mostly charged according to square meters.

Hot Dipped Plastic Coating Steel Corrugated Pipe

Hot Dipped Plastic Coating Steel Corrugated Pipe

Hot dipped plastic coating steel corrugated pipe is mainly used in industry, construction, power facilities, chemical facilities, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, municipal facilities, agricultural facilities, communication facilities, firefighting facilities, railways, Road transportation facilities and other fields.

The life span of corrugated culvert is the shortest office time limit or the number of cycles that can guarantee normal office when used under office conditions. The elastic tightly sealed closed system composed of corrugated culverts is often under the condition of bearing more cycles of varying loads and larger displacements, because this confirms the life of the corrugated culverts, which is of close significance. Because the utility of corrugated culvert is different, the requirements for the life span of the corrugated culvert are also different. The allowable compression displacement of the corrugated culvert when working under compression is a little larger than the permitted tensile displacement of the working under tension. Therefore, when the corrugated culvert is preset, it should be possible to make the corrugated culvert work under compression. Through experiments, it is found that under ordinary conditions, the allowable compression displacement of the same material and the same specification of corrugated culvert is 1.5 times the allowable tensile displacement. For the corrugated culvert in the office under compression, its maximum compression displacement is: the maximum displacement value that the corrugated culvert can produce when the corrugations are in contact with each other under the effect of pressure. It is also called the maximum allowable displacement of the structure. Equal to the difference between the free length of the corrugated culvert and the maximum compression length.

(1) When corrugated pipe culvert is effective to compensate for the position deviation caused by installation in the piping system, only a few years of survival are required.

(2) The corrugated culvert is effective in thermostats with a relatively high switching rate, and the life span of the corrugated culvert must reach 10,000 times to satisfy the requirements of operation.

(3) The corrugated culvert is effective when the vacuum switch is used as a vacuum tightly sealed closure, and its life span must reach 30,000 times and the ability to ensure normal office work.

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