Corrugated Pipe Culvert Construction Process

Jan. 24, 2022

A corrugated pipe culvert is a foundationless culvert. The construction techniques of gravel replacement, crushing, and backfilling around the culvert bottom are very demanding. A little carelessness will cause serious diseases in the latter operation, which will endanger the safety of traffic. Therefore, good installation construction is an important condition to ensure the safety and reliability of the steel bellows structure. Its pre-construction preparation: construction of sampling → base construction → steel corrugated pipe transportation and installation → backfill on both sides of the inlet and outlet treatment.


1. Construction sampling

Leveling the construction site and arranging various material stacking sites. Organize the required machinery and equipment before construction, organize the surveyor to put out the axis of the pipe culvert according to the design documents. Pile up the middle edge pile. Spread a white gray line on the edge of the culvert foundation range and measure the original ground elevation.


2. Base construction

The thickness of the foundation bedding layer should be determined according to the actual geological characteristics. At the same time to meet the design requirements of foundation bearing capacity. When the burial site is a weak foundation, it can be treated according to the relevant methods of road foundation treatment. Then the normal foundation buried steel corrugated pipe structure method. The construction base is generally flat. The base is required to be composed of relatively loose material so that the corrugated steel pipe and the base material can be effectively combined.


3. Transport and installation of corrugated steel pipe

When installing, in order to protect the surface galvanized layer, the corrugated steel pipe should not be pulled down directly from the truck. Instead, it should be loaded and unloaded by crane or rolled down slowly.


4. Inlet and outlet processing

Inlet and outlet pipe joints are directly processed into the same sloping opening form as the slope of the roadbed. In its joints with the river bed, import and export ground set side slope protection. Within a certain range, double-layer slurry stone paving should be used to prevent scouring. The contact part of the culvert pipe inlet and outlet and slope protection is stopped by expanding rubber material. Prevent the water from diffusing into the contact part of the culvert inlet and outlet and slope protection. M7.5 slurry stone is used for paving and slope protection of the hole. Should choose the geometric size of relatively long and short stone interlaced in the same layer. Make the formation of the wrong lock structure to ensure that the staggered masonry. Vertical joints and through joints shall not appear.


5 Backfill on both sides

The quality of the backfill on both sides of the steel corrugated pipe is directly related to the formation of the soil and the structure interaction system of the force is good or bad. Therefore, the backfill of the structure must be strict requirements and pay attention to the construction process. Usually, the main factors affecting the quality of the backfill include backfill material, backfill method, and compaction. The choice of backfill material and backfill method around the steel corrugated pipe is basically the same as that of roadbed filling in many aspects. The difference is that the corrugated steel pipe structure exerts lateral pressure on the surrounding soil. Therefore, it is required that the backfill material should be more compacted in the area where the diameter of each side of the structure is double and the upper 750px and not less than 1/6 diameter.


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