Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Mar. 18, 2021

Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Corrugated pipe culvert, also known as metal Corrugated pipe culvert or steel corrugated culvert, refers to spiral corrugated pipes buried in culverts below highways and railways. The circular corrugated pipe is made of corrugated metal plate or semi-circular steel plate. It is widely used in highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, roadway retaining walls, and retaining walls and various mines and other projects in the culverts.

Corrugated pipes have been widely used in foreign highway, railway and housing construction projects. Some developed countries not only have factories that produce corrugated pipe sections, but some countries have also promulgated specifications or regulations for the design and construction of corrugated pipe culverts.

The advantages of corrugated pipe culverts

(1) Culverts, corrugated pipe culverts, steel bellows culverts, and metal bellows culverts all have good foundation deformation adaptability, and the requirements for foundation bearing capacity and flatness are relatively low. The actual construction cost is higher than that of bridges with the same span. Culverts are similar or lower.

(2) Short construction period is the most obvious advantage. Civil engineering and pipe sections can be installed separately.

(3) The factory concentrates production, and the production is not affected by the environment, which is beneficial to reduce costs and control quality.

(4) Culverts, corrugated pipe culverts, steel bellows culverts, and metal bellows culverts are easy to install on site without the use of large-scale equipment.

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