Introduction of metal bellows

Jul. 19, 2019

Introduction of metal bellows by corrugated pipe manufacturer.

Use good metal bellows, master 4 basic knowledge is very important, bellows manufacturers to sort out release.

1: the reliable performance of corrugated metal pipe refers to the number of cycles in a certain use environment without damage, and a certain use environment is a link that is easy to be ignored, because the service life of compensators may be sharply reduced due to the acid and base links.

2: the reliability of stainless steel bellows is very important. In Japan, it is usually defined as: the function of the system, equipment, components and device is stable for a certain time. Simply put, use time as a parameter of product quality.

3: A certain function refers to the index parameters that can fulfill the specified function and quality, such as displacement, stiffness, area, instability, etc. In different large rod corrugated compensators, because it performs different functions, the reliability of the material must be determined and defined before production. One of the same Marine bellows, in different circumstances, for its design life is often not the same.

corrugated pipe manufacturer

For the expansion joint manufacturer or testing party, the regulations must be very strict, must keep certain leeway. However, for the user, as long as there is no error in the use of compliance is generally not too worried.

Therefore, the characteristic value of its reliability should be specified for each functional parameter of single hinged corrugated expansion joint. In a nutshell, you specify the allowable error for each parameter.

4: the quality of metal bellows is after the production of each link, such as packaging, transport, maintenance and other steps to ensure. But the scope of the process is so extensive that any oversight can lead to performance degradation, such as the production of a qualified corrugated expansion joint, which may be deformed due to bumps in transit and thus become unusable.

The above on the metal bellows knowledge points of the introduction, I hope to let you understand the characteristics of the metal bellows explain and basic knowledge of the detailed analysis of the help.

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