Corrugated steel culvert for highway drainage

Apr. 17, 2017

Corrugated steel culvert suitable for highway drainage construction, it can effectively avoid the drainage. To avoid the highway road drainage measures are not good, resulting in rainwater on the road, affecting our trip.

1, corrugated pipe culvert using standardized design, consumption, simple design, short consumption cycle, short construction period.

2, corrugated pipe culvert is a kind of flexible structure, corrugated pipe in the structure of the lateral displacement of the outstanding characteristics of displacement. It can give full play to the characteristics of high tensile strength and good deformation performance.

3, corrugated pipe culvert construction only on the basis of the import and export of disposal, suitable for fragile ecological environment, conducive to environmental protection.

This is why choose corrugated steel culvert of highway drainage. We can also supply culvert metal pipe, spiral corrugated pipe etc. If you need welcome to contact us.

Corrugated steel culvert

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