Specific requirements in the using of corrugated culverts

May. 05, 2019

Specific requirements in the using of corrugated culverts 

1. Before the construction of corrugated steel pipe, prepare relevant materials, persons holding positions and facilities to enter the site, and prepare the safety precaution and protection office for a period of time before the construction, and implement the fence fence protection for the roadbed slope to avoid the falling of stones and other objects hurting people.

2. Foundation disposal, can be backfilled sand and gravel block or masonry stone concrete. The base was leveled, and 30-50cm thick sand and gravel blocks were filled in, with a compactness of 90 percent or more. Suitable longitudinal slope of the flowing river was selected, and the center line and boundary line of each culvert were determined.

3. When the construction of corrugated steel culvert pipe is started, the method of subsection construction shall be used as appropriate. Triangle iron shall be used in the base of original arch culvert in advance, and the length shall be confirmed according to the culvert length. For the sliding rail of steel culvert, the pipe diameter of corrugated culvert can be different according to the engineering requirements. The pipe diameter of complete pipe is 0.5m--2.5m. Each pipe is about 3 meters in length. Internal (external) flange screws are used when appropriate. Assembled culvert pipe diameter is 3m--8m. Each circumferential direction is composed of 4-15 plates, which are overlapped with plates and tightened with hyper screws.

steel corrugated pipe culvert

4. If culvert length less than 30 meters, on both sides of the corrugated metal culvert with the original culvert width is greater than 80 cm, can be in whole trace metal corrugated culvert downstream or upstream to the end, back in place, to end the masonry retaining wall, the backfill around the office, can be backfilled sand and crushed stone, gravel laying flaky, etc., at the top right and using plasma build by laying bricks or stones flaky or high-pressure pump to the expansion of the hardening of cement mortar.

5. If the culvert grew up to 30 meters, steel corrugated pipe culvert sides with the original culvert width is less than 80 cm, to 3 m and 6 m long culvert in upstream or downstream of advancing side, back in place, it can be fixed, the flaky end at the top of the masonry wall, the other end of the steel corrugated pipe culvert and the spacing between the culvert with a sand bag or plasma build by laying bricks or stones blocked flaky and 50 cm width, and then set out to backfill. Both sides may be compacted with coarse sand and water tightness method or by means of pouring cement shock bar; High pressure pumping of hardened expanded cement mortar is used when the top is considered suitable. After the completion of filling around this section of pipe, the second section of pipe will be transported to the pipe for the joint signing of two pipes. The joint signing form of the steel corrugated pipe culvert is the inner flange screw, and the workers can sign in the pipe. After completion of the countersignature, backfill shall be carried out in the same manner as described above. Follow this order, complete the construction of the whole metal corrugated culvert office. Strictly in accordance with the requirements of construction can reduce the accident, and promptly ensure the quality of the installation of the premise of completion.

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