Heat-Shrinkable Sleeve Connection For Spiral Corrugated Pipe

May. 20, 2023

Heat shrinkable sleeve connection

The heat-shrink sleeve is composed of reinforced fiber heat shrink material, hot melt adhesive, and installation accessories. The heat-shrink sleeve is placed on the end of the two pipes to be connected, and after heating, the shrink sleeve shrinks to make the connection become one. Features: safe and reliable, easy to install.

Spiral Corrugated Pipe


Heat shrink sleeve connection construction steps

1. Check whether the butt end of the two spiral corrugated pipes to be connected is flat. Require the local gap between the two end surfaces together is less than 6 mm. If it does not meet the requirement, it should be adjusted on site until it meets the requirement.

2. Elevate the ends of the two steel strip pipes to be connected so that they are at a certain distance from the ground or trench wall. To heating tools in the direction of the circumference of the operation is convenient.

3. The heat shrinkage tube through the set of two to be connected to one end of the tube, pull to more than 500 mm from the end of the connection. At this time, the heat shrink tube wall of the protective paper layer can not be destroyed. The protective paper layer must be intact to prevent dirt, dust, and water, etc., from soaking into the inner wall of the heat shrink tube.

4. Grinding to be connected to the end face of the tube butt 120 millimeters long cylindrical surface layer grinding rough, crest and trough grooves should be rough with a steel wire brush grinding, at least three and a half wavelength, the shape of the wire brush should be consistent with the shape of the corrugated steel pipe.

5. With a clean cloth, the polished end part of the pipe wipe clean, the two pairs of receiver end face to face and fixed, there can be no misalignment.

6. With the PE welding rod that is fused with the connected pipe, use a small beam of red flame with a small nozzle or a small hot-air beam to heat the joint and the welding rod, weld more than four evenly on the circumference (weld longer is better), in order to fix the two pipe connections.

7. With a red flame, preheat the two tube ends (three spacing from the butt end) of the circumference so that the surface temperature reaches 40 degrees to 50 degrees (preheating temperature should be more than 15 degrees lower than the softening temperature of hot melt adhesive), you can use the surface thermometer to monitor.

8. Winding and baking at the same time in the connection to strengthen the fiber heat-shrinkable sleeve, requiring at least around the circumference of more than a week and lap firmly. Preheat the two ends to be taken over to within the polishing line, so that the surface temperature reaches 40 degrees to 50 degrees.


The ambient temperature for the construction of the heat shrink sleeve should generally be between -20 and 60 degrees Celsius. If the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees, moisturizing measures should be taken. Connections must be made in accordance with the heat shrink sleeve tape process. Gradual heating from one end to the other. We are a spiral corrugated pipe supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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