What's the HDPE steel reinforced helical corrugated steel pipe

Nov. 13, 2017

As we all know that the corrugated pipe culvert and Corrugated Steel Culver are Multi-application in the highway, bridge.Of course it includes helical corrugated steel pipe.

HDPE steel reinforced helical corrugated steel pipe adopt U-shaped steel strip with a composite PE material, so that at the same weight the helical corrugated steel pipe significantly improve the ring stiffness, increased carat tube strength than the winding tube ,under the premise of not increasing the cost . It can solve a series of problems such as heavy load, the advantage of large-diameter pipe is more obvious, the current production of pipe diameter from DN300mm to DN2400mm, the ring stiffness are maintained at 8KN / m2 above, lighter than the cement pipe and other plastic pipes, higher strength.

helical corrugated steel pipe

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