How to install corrugated metal culvert(two)

Nov. 02, 2016

Master the correct installation method, not only to save time, but also to ensure the normal use of corrugated metal culvert, and then we continue to introduce:

4, the assembly must be based on corrugated metal culvert design drawings to be assembled, carefully review culvert design and assembly drawings, and carefully master the installation sequence. Be careful not to mistake the order and location.

5, when the steel plate is lifted, the crane is in the span of the bridge, and the steel plate is placed in the rotating radius of the crane arm. At first, the whole 2-3 ring is assembled on the ground, and the whole hoisting installation is adopted. Fixed, can be divided into blocks in order to install. Nominal bolt tightening torque connecting plate is 300 ~ 400 N / m, all bolts with torsional force equal to the assembly, the torque meter check.

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corrugated metal culvert

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