Introduction of corrugated metal pipe and galvanized corrugated steel pipe

Nov. 07, 2019

  What is Corrugated Metal pipe expansion joint ?

  The metal expansion joint is a kind of flexible structure set on the vessel shell or pipeline to compensate the additional stress caused by temperature difference and mechanical vibration. Variety introduction :

  1 :Elbow type expansion joint :Bend the pipe into U shape or other shape, also known as tension bend. It is a kind of expansion joint compensated by the elastic deformation ability of the body. It has the advantages of good strength, long service life and can be made on site, but it has the disadvantages of large space, more steel consumption and large friction resistance. This kind of expansion joint is widely used in various steam pipes and long pipes

  2 :Bellows expansion joint :Bellows expansion joint is a kind of expansion joint made of metal bellows. It can stretch along the axis direction and also allow a small amount of bending. Figure 2 shows the common axial bellows expansion joint, which is used for axial length compensation on the pipeline. In order to prevent exceeding the allowable compensation amount, a protection rod or a protection ring is arranged at both ends of the bellows, and a guide bracket is arranged on the pipes at both ends connected with it. In addition, there are corner type and transverse expansion joints, which can be used to compensate the corner deformation and transverse deformation of the pipeline. The advantages of this kind of expansion joint are space saving, material saving, convenient for standardization and mass production, and the disadvantages are short life. Bellows expansion joints are generally used for pipes with low temperature and pressure and short length. With the improvement of bellows production technology, the application scope of this kind of expansion joint is expanding.

  3:Sleeve expansion joint :The casing expansion joint is composed of inner and outer casings which can make axial relative motion.

  Stuffing box is used to seal the inner and outer casings. When in use, keep the pipes at both ends moving on an axis. A guide bracket is arranged at both ends of the expansion joint.

  The advantages of the utility model are small flow friction resistance to the fluid, compact structure, poor sealing performance and large thrust to the fixed support. The sleeve expansion joint is mainly used for water pipes and low-pressure steam pipes.

Corrugated Metal pipe

  The galvanized corrugated steel pipe has high compressive strength, and its unique thread biting structure strength is 1.5 times that of the cement pipe of the same caliber and 3 times that of the plastic pipe. Convenient transportation: anti bump, weight is 1 / 5 to 1 / 10 of the same diameter cement pipe, no need for large lifting equipment loading and unloading .

Galvanized corrugated steel pipe

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