Introduction of Metal Corrugated Culvert

Jul. 09, 2020

1 Overview

Metal corrugated pipe is a typical space structure, with good ductility, high tensile, compressive, shear strength and other characteristics, and the structure of the member has a small cross section, light weight, and fast construction speed. Flexible and high The strong metal bellows culvert not only has the ability to adapt to the deformation of the foundation and foundation, but also can solve the problem of culvert damage caused by the uneven settlement of the foundation, and the metal bellows culvert has excellent stress characteristics due to the existence of axial corrugation , The axial and radial distribution of stress and strain caused by the load at the same time can spread the stress concentration of the load to a greater extent. And the cost is low, the design is simple, the construction period is short, the maintenance cost after construction is reduced, and the use of less material is beneficial to environmental protection. Especially in the areas of unfavorable engineering rock land such as permafrost, soft soil, expansive soil, collapsible loess, etc., the use of metal bellows structure to build culverts has advantages, so it has broad application prospects.

2 Use of metal bellows culverts at home and abroad

Metal corrugated culvert was first born in the United Kingdom (1784). In 1896, the United States took the lead in the feasibility study of corrugated plate channels and culverts, and it was first applied to culverts. The first corrugated culvert was applied to Scotland in 1913. I loved farmland irrigation in the neighborhood of Fort. In 1931, Australia first built an 8m car passageway. In 1990, the "Japanese Highway Design Code" formulated the technical specifications for bellows design. With the installation and use of bellows around the world, this structure has been proven. The versatility of the object in various use cases, and its life has exceeded the design life. When the Qinghai-Tibet Highway was built in the 1950s in the non-frozen spring section, the corrugated pipe culvert was used in emergency repair projects. It was discovered when it was excavated in the 1970s. The use condition is good. The section of Qingkang Highway (National Highway 214) Jiang (Luling) Qing (Shuihe) section is 291km in length and is located in the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. , The average altitude is 4300m, the highest point of the route is 4824m above sea level, the annual average temperature is minus 4.2 C, the extreme minimum temperature is minus 48.0 C, and the annual freezing period is more than 180 days. The culvert was destroyed prematurely. Qinghai Province tried the φ3750px (inner diameter) steel galvanized corrugated pipe in the Jiangqing section of the G214 line implemented in 2000. It was successfully promoted to West (Ning) for a long time in 2001 and 2002. (Governance) Highway (Wu) Jiu (Governance) Section, Hua (Shixia) Da (Japan) Highway, Er (referring to Hara Mountain) Ga (Sea) Highway and other constructions Pipe culvert 8231.19m / 418 channels, diameter from 3750px to 1250px, fill height of culvert top increased from 2500px to 42500px, bellows wall thickness increased from 3mm to 5mm. In 200 years, the first survey and design institute of the railway organization Beijing Jiaotong University, China Pay first. The Highway Survey, Design and Research Institute conducted indoor and outdoor tests and theoretical studies on the four bellows test culverts built on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The results show that the design and construction requirements of the railway culverts are met, which provides a reliable theory for the application of bellows culverts to railway engineering basis.

3. Metal corrugated culvert advantages and scope of application

(1) Due to the standardized design and production of metal bellows culverts, the design is simple, the production cycle is short, and the construction period is short. On-site installation does not require the use of large equipment, which is mainly assembled construction (generally, the construction time of a culvert is within one working day). The exposed time of permafrost is shorter, and the amount of freeze-thaw is small, so it is especially suitable for permafrost areas.

(2) The metal bellows culvert is a flexible structure. The bellows has the excellent characteristics of lateral compensation displacement in the structure, which can give full play to the characteristics of strong tensile strength and superior deformation performance of the steel, and has greater resistance to deformation and settlement Capacity, especially suitable for soft soil, expansive soil, collapsible loess and other areas with low foundation bearing capacity and earthquake-prone areas.

(3) The construction of metal corrugated pipe culverts only needs to deal with the foundation and the import and export, reducing the amount of cement, block stone, flake or crushed stone, sand, etc., causing little damage to the environment, suitable for areas with fragile ecological environment Conducive to environmental protection.

(4) The construction of metal bellows culverts requires very little labor, so it is suitable for areas where labor is scarce.

(5) Metal corrugated pipe instead of reinforced concrete for culvert construction is helpful to solve the problem of damage to the concrete structure of the pipe and culvert in winter in the northern cold regions, and is suitable for plateau areas.

(6) Due to the use of standardized design and production, the design is simple, the production is not affected by the environment, the centralized factory production is carried out, and the production cycle is short, so it is suitable for engineering projects with high quality requirements and tight schedules.

 Metal Corrugated Culvert

Metal Corrugated Culvert

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