Key Points For Construction Of Intergral Corrugated Steel Pipe

Aug. 08, 2018

(1) Highway Intergral Corrugated Steel Pipe usually adopts the finished pipe joint of the factory Corrugated Steel Pipe, and the pipe joint section form is divided into circular, elliptical, oval, rectangular and the like. When the pipe culvert is designed as a foundation for concrete or masonry, a concrete pipe seat shall be provided on the foundation, and the curved surface at the top shall be in close contact with the pipe body to make the pipe joint evenly stressed.

(2) When the pipe culvert is a concrete-free (or masonry) foundation and the pipe body is directly placed on the natural foundation, the pipe bottom soil layer shall be compacted and compacted according to the design requirements, and formed into a curved shape closely attached to the pipe body. For the pipe socket, care should be taken to keep it intact when installing the pipe joint. When the bearing capacity of the soil layer under the pipe does not meet the design requirements, it shall be treated and reinforced according to the requirements of the specification.

(3) The settlement joint of the pipe culvert shall be placed at the joint of the pipe joint.

(4) The groove bed of the pipe culvert entering and exiting the water outlet should be straight and smooth, and the connection with the upstream and downstream diversion drainage system is smooth and stable.

(5) The construction of pipe culverts embedded in prefabricated pipes shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards.

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