The main advantages of Spiral Corrugated Pipe

Jul. 26, 2018

The Spiral Corrugated Pipe adapts to the strong deformation ability of the foundation, and has low requirements on the bearing capacity and flatness of the foundation. The actual cost of the project is lower than that of bridges and culvert metal pipe of the same span. The construction period is short, mainly for assembly and construction. Adopt standardized design, production, simple design and short production cycle. Production is not affected by the environment, and centralized factory production can be carried out, which is conducive to reducing costs and controlling quality. On-site installation does not require the use of large equipment and is easy to install. Corrugated steel pipe is suitable for projects such as lack of human resources or high risk, and areas with high altitude and anoxic areas. It reduces the amount of water condensation, stone or gravel, sand, etc., and is suitable for remote areas where sandstone resources are scarce or cement, steel and other transportation distances are far away; environmental protection has far-reaching significance.

Spiral Corrugated Pipe

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