Metal Bellows Culvert

Mar. 25, 2021

Metal Bellows Culvert

Metal corrugated pipe is a typical space framework, with great ductility, high tensile, compressive, shear toughness and other attributes, and also the structure of the member has a little cross section, lightweight, and also rapid construction rate. Versatile and high metal bellows culvert not just has the capacity to adjust to the deformation of the foundation and also structure, however additionally can address the issue of culvert damage triggered by the irregular negotiation of the foundation, and also the metal bellows culvert has superb stress characteristics due to the existence of axial corrugation. The axial and also radial distribution of stress as well as pressure triggered by the lots at the same time can spread the stress concentration of the load to a better degree. And the price is low, the style is straightforward, the building and construction period is short, the maintenance cost after building is minimized, and the use of much less material is beneficial to environmental protection. Particularly in the areas of negative engineering rock land such as ice, soft dirt, expansive dirt, retractable loess, etc., the use of metal bellows structure to construct culverts has advantages, so it has broad application potential customers.
Advantages of metal bellows culverts:
1) Easy on-site installation, no requirement to utilize big tools.
2) It is handy to solve the trouble of frost damage to the concrete structure of bridges and pipe culverts in the north.
3) Minimizing the amount of cement, yellow sand, stones, and also wood, which has environmental management value.
4) The architectural force is reasonable, the load circulation is uniform, and also it has a specific resistance to contortion. It has a strong capability to adapt to the deformation of the foundation, and has low needs for the bearing ability and flatness of the structure.
5) Take on standard layout, straightforward manufacturing as well as design, and also brief manufacturing cycle. The centralized production of the factory, the production is not impacted by the environment, the efficiency is secure, the installation is convenient, and also it is conducive to quality control.
6) The actual price of the project resembles or less than the culvert of the very same span.
7) Short building period is the most apparent advantage. Civil design as well as pipeline joint installment can be executed independently, and afterwards set up overall.
8) It is conducive to improving the "staggered car dive" phenomenon at the junction of the soft ground structure and also embankment, improving the comfort and also safety of driving and decreasing the price of post-operation operation and maintenance.

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