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Metal Corrugated Culvert

Metal Corrugated Culvert

The metal corrugated pipe is a typical spatial structure, which has the characteristics of good ductility, tensile strength, compression resistance, and high shear strength. The structural members have the characteristics of small cross-section, light weight, and fast construction speed. The flexible and high strength metal bellows culvert not only has the ability to adapt to the deformation of the foundation, but also can solve the problem of the culvert damage caused by the uneven settlement of the culvert.

The advantages and scope of application of metal corrugated culvert

(1) Due to the standardized design and production of metal bellows culverts, the design is simple, the production period is short, and the construction period is short. On-site installation does not require the use of large-scale equipment, and is mainly assembled (generally culvert construction time is within 1 working day). Permafrost has a short exposure time and a small amount of freezing and thawing, which is especially suitable for permafrost areas.

(2) The metal bellows culvert is a flexible structure. The corrugated pipe has excellent structural characteristics of lateral displacement compensation, which can give full play to the steel with strong tensile strength and superior deformation performance, and has greater resistance to deformation and settlement. It is especially suitable for soft soil, expansive soil, and wet soil.

(3) The construction of metal bellows culvert only needs to deal with the foundation and import and export, reduce the amount of cement, block stone, flake or crushed stone, sand, etc., and cause little damage to the environment. It is suitable for areas with fragile ecological environment and is beneficial to Environmental protection.

(4) Metal bellows culvert construction requires very little labor, which is suitable for areas with insufficient labor.

(5) The use of metal bellows culvert instead of reinforced concrete for culvert construction can help solve the problem of culvert concrete structure damage in winter in cold northern areas, and is suitable for plateau areas.

(6) Due to the use of standardized design and production, the design is simple, the production is not affected by the environment, the centralized factory production, the production cycle is short, and it is suitable for projects with high quality requirements and tight schedules.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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