Metal Culvert Construction Technology

Aug. 08, 2018

Metal Corrugated Pipe process block diagram:

Law 1

Construction preparation → Construction measurement stakeout → Foundation pit excavation → Sand gravel cushion → Pouring foundation → Culvert pipe installation → Culvert pipe interface → Paving hole mouth masonry stone → Back cover of culvert → Cleaning acceptance

Method 2

Cleaning the site → Foundation pit excavation → Measurement stakeout → Base leveling → Measuring foundation pit elevation → Foundation bearing capacity test → Pouring concrete foundation → Installing round pipe → Pipe transportation → Concrete mixing → Concrete transportation → Pouring the outside of the pipe wall → Supervision inspection → caulking → hole paving → back back filling → acceptance sub-lamination → supervision inspection

This is just the basic Metal Culvert construction process. If you want to know more about the process, please contact me. We are the manufacturer of metal bellows.

Metal Corrugated Pipe    

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