Categories of Metal Corrugated Culvert Pipes

Jul. 11, 2016

In terms of metal corrugated culvert pipe, there are many different categories and types and their main parameters include connection methods, pressure types, compensation dosage, operating temperature, working media and so on. At present, most of corrugated metal pipes fabricated by Hengshui Yitong Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. are approved by most of American road and railways administrations and national standards and they are manufactured in accordance to American and Australia standard.

According to the forms of displacement, corrugated steel pipes can be categorizes into axial, axial, lateral and angular types. According to the pressure direction, they can be divided into internal and external pressure. If we categorize the pipes according to their structural parameters, there are s-shape, Ω-shape, U-shape, V-shape ripple compensators. Thereinto, the U-shape metal corrugated culvert pipe is the most common one.

Anular Corrugated Steel Pipe

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