Guidelines for Optimizing Highway Culvert Design with Corrugated Steel Structure

Aug. 28, 2020

Corrugated pipe was first born in the United Kingdom in 1784. It has been widely used in highway steel corrugated plate (tube) bridge and culvert projects in the United States, Canada, South Korea, etc., and has accumulated more mature corrugated plate (tube) bridge and culvert design theory and Construction experience, and developed design, manufacturing, construction and installation manuals.

Advantages of using corrugated steel structure:

The investigation found that the use of reinforced concrete structures as bridges and culverts is heavy and thick, and the height of the building increases the scale and cost of the project. Moreover, ordinary reinforced concrete culverts are difficult to construct, complex in process, long construction period, high maintenance costs in the later stage, and repaired after damage. Difficulties and other shortcomings, there are rigid structures and flexible roadbed bridge (culvert) head jumping phenomenon.

The use of steel bellows culverts to replace reinforced concrete masonry structures has the following advantages:

1. Strong adaptability: steel corrugated pipe has strong resistance to deformation, is not easy to be damaged, has low requirements on the foundation, and has strong adaptability to uneven settlement.

2. Low cost: After actual calculation, the overall cost of the structure is generally 10-40% lower than that of the concrete structure. Better economy and higher comprehensive benefits.

3. Easy quality control: The corrugated steel structure adopts factory and standardized processing, high-strength bolt connection on site, simple process and easy quality control.

4. Time saving: the steel bellows has thin sections, light weight, easy to stack and bundle, convenient storage and transportation, low requirements on the foundation, no health maintenance, fast installation speed, simultaneous construction of multiple working surfaces, not affected by the season, relatively cast-in-place Concrete can save 30%-50% of the construction period.

5. Good durability: Engineering tests have proved that the service life of galvanized corrugated steel parts can reach more than 75 years, which can fully meet engineering requirements.

6. Structural environmental protection: The raw material of culvert structure is steel, which reduces the use of a large amount of sand and concrete, and all steel can be recycled after reaching the service life. While ensuring the construction of large-scale pipe corridors, it also retains the clear water and blue sky.

Design principles of corrugated steel culvert:

(1) It can effectively shorten the construction period and enhance the adaptability of culverts;

(2) Satisfy the use function of the original structure;

(3) Try to keep the water passing area equal to the original design;

(4) Improved overall benefits.

(10) "Code for Design of Steel Corrugated Pipe Culverts" (Local Standard of Shaanxi Province)

Comprehensive comparison of corrugated steel structure culverts not only has better advantages in cost (saving 5%~40%) and construction period (saving more than 50%), but also corrugated steel structure culverts have lower requirements for foundation bearing capacity and higher deformation resistance. Strong and durable.

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