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8 Points Need To Be Paid Attention To In Summer Steel Corrugated Culvert Construction

In different weather climates in summer, steel corrugated culvert pipe construction precautions are different. The following is divided into high temperature weather and rain period respectively. Although they are some details, but it is worth our attention, otherwise the details of the error will lead to serious consequences.

Corrugated Steel Pipe

In High Temperature Weather

1. If the conditions allow it should be covered against the sun. Reduce the temperature of formwork and reinforcement. You can also sprinkle water on the formwork and reinforcement to lower the temperature. However, there should not be standing water or attached water in the formwork when pouring concrete.

2. Hot period concrete construction, the mixing water should be taken to reduce the temperature. Control the concrete pouring temperature below 30℃. And should consider the effect of high temperature on the loss of concrete collapse. Concrete shall not be mixed with water during transportation. 

3. The formwork should be removed when the temperature is lower during the day. The concrete surface should be moisturized and maintained for not less than 7 days after demoulding.

4. The concrete truck should have mixing device and the tank should be protected from sunlight. Concrete should be mixed slowly and uninterruptedly during transportation, and the transportation time should be shortened to the maximum.


Corrugated Steel Pipe

In The Rainy Period 

1.Special attention should be paid to the protection of power supply lines. The electric gate box of the site electromechanical equipment should take cover and moisture-proof measures, and the electric wire should be well insulated to prevent leakage and electric shock accidents.

2.The construction during the rainy period should be arranged early and arranged to be completed before the rainfall comes as far as possible. There are waterproof facilities around the foundation pit to prevent the surrounding water from flowing into the pit.

3.The steel corrugated culvert pipe and other covers should be strengthened to prevent rust and corrosion. When steel corrugated culvert pipe connection is carried out, a temporary rain shelter should be set up to prevent erosion by rain.

4.Increase the frequency of water content testing of sand and stone materials. Timely adjust the concrete matching ratio to ensure the quality of concrete mixing.


The above-mentioned steel corrugated culvert pipes need to be paid attention to during summer construction. Although they are all small details, we still need to pay attention. Details decide everything. We are a Corrugated steel pipe Exporter, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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