Precautions for Construction of Steel Corrugated Culvert

Dec. 02, 2022

Five precautions for the construction of metal corrugated culvert pipe:

1. Before the construction of the culvert, prepare relevant materials, personnel and equipment to enter the site, and do a good job in the safety protection during the construction period. Enclose the roadbed slope with a protective net to prevent stones and other objects from falling and hurting people.

2. Foundation treatment, can be backfilled with gravel or masonry concrete. Level the base, replace with 30-1250px thick gravel material, the density is more than 90%, choose an appropriate flowing longitudinal slope of about 3%. Determine the center line and side line of each culvert.

3. In the construction of steel corrugated culvert pipe, the method of section construction is adopted, and two angle steels are arranged in parallel at the base of the original arch culvert in advance, and the length is determined according to the length of the culvert. As a slide rail for the advancement of steel culverts, the diameter of the corrugated culverts can have different specifications according to the needs of the project. The diameter of the complete pipe is 0.5m-2.5m; the length of each tube is about 3 meters. Use inner (outer) flange bolt connection. The diameter of the assembled culvert pipe is 3m--8m. Each circumferential direction is composed of 4--15 plates, which are fastened with high-strength bolts.

Metal Corrugated Culvert Pipe

4. If the length of the culvert is less than 30 meters, the width of the metal corrugated culvert pipe and the width of the original culvert are greater than 2000px. The entire metal corrugated culvert pipe can be pushed downstream or upstream to one end. The masonry of the wall, the backfill work around, can be backfilled with gravel, gravel soil, masonry stone, etc., the top is made of masonry masonry stone or high-pressure pumping expansion cement mortar.

5. If the length of the culvert is greater than 30 meters, and the width of both sides of the steel corrugated culvert and the original culvert is less than 2000px, the 3m-6m long culvert can be pushed downstream or upstream to one end. After it is in place, it can be fixed and the top of the masonry can be fixed Flake stone end wall, the distance between the other end of the steel corrugated culvert and the culvert is blocked with sandbags or mortar flake stones, width 1250px, and then backfilling begins. Both sides can be compacted by coarse sand watertight method or tamped by pouring concrete vibrating rods; the top adopts high-pressure pumping expansion cement mortar. After the surrounding pipe is filled, the second pipe is transported to connect the two pipes. The connection method of the steel corrugated culvert is the inner flange bolt connection, and the worker can connect in the pipe. After the connection is completed, backfill it in the same way as above. In this order, the construction of the entire metal corrugated culvert is completed.

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