Preparation measures of corrugated steel culvert in rainy season

May. 09, 2017

The corrugated steel culvert also called corrugated culvert, refers to the laying of thread ripples in highway and railway road culvert pipe. It relates to a circular steel tube which is made of corrugated steel sheets or is formed by the combination of corrugated steel sheets.

When in the rainy season more, we should not only make the personnel and material preparation, but also for the preparation of corrugated steel culvert.

1, technical preparation: before the rainy season, organize relevant personnel technical exchanges in accordance with the scheme, put forward the construction scheme of corrugated steel culvert during the rainy season, provide technical preparation for normal construction.

2, site preparation: before the rainy season, clean up the construction site, digging drainage ditch, to ensure the normal flow of drainage. Ensure that the drainage equipment in good condition, to ensure that after the storm in the shortest possible time to discharge water.

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spiral corrugated pipe

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