Installation requirements of corrugated steel culvert(two)

Dec. 01, 2016

1, if the culvert length is less than 30 meters, corrugated steel culvert and culvert on both sides of the original width is greater than 80cm, the whole corrugated pipe culvert, to the end of the downstream or upstream in place, then the end of masonry wall, surrounding backfill work can be backfilled gravel, gravel soil, stone masonry piece etc..

2, if the culvert length more than 30 meters, corrugated pipe culvert and culvert on both sides of the original width is less than 80cm, can be 3m-6m long culvert advancing to the end in the downstream or upstream, in the future can be fixed, the top end piece of stone masonry wall, and the other end of the spacing between the corrugated pipe culvert culvert with sandbags or masonry stone block, width of 50cm, and then began to backfill.

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corrugated steel culvert

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