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Technical Requirements For The Construction Of Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe

1.Low-lying water area

When both sides of the corrugated steel culvert pipe pass through the low-lying waterlogged area, it is necessary to set up cofferdam and pump out the water first, and if necessary, it is also necessary to remove and refill part of the silt.


2. Remove the old culvert

When the steel corrugated culvert pipe is applied to the highway maintenance project, we should wait for the culvert body and the main parts of the hole to be transported to the construction site before the construction unit can start the work of removing the old culvert, and when the old culvert is removed, at the same time, we should grasp the preparation work of the foundation material, and the excavation work of the pit can be carried out only after the preparation is completed and the material is inspected and qualified. When the steel corrugated culvert pipe is applied to the new road project, the preparation of the foundation material and the excavation work of the pit can be grasped at the same time when the corrugated culvert pipe culvert pipe is purchased and transported.


3.Anti-seepage treatment

The inlet and outlet can be made of steel corrugated pipe joints made by the manufacturer, with two forms of straight pipe and slant-up opening with the same slope rate of the roadbed side slope; it can also be used according to the specific situation of the area where it is located, such as slurry masonry sheet stone or dry masonry sheet masonry. Generally, in cold areas, metal corrugated pipe joints or dry masonry sheet stone are used. In its joints with the river bed import and export ground and side slope within a certain range should be set up double slurry sheet stone or dry masonry sheet stone paving, in order to prevent scouring, and make the necessary impermeability treatment; in order to prevent the roadbed soil blocking culvert opening, in the hole and road embankment intersection to do a certain height and thickness of slurry sheet stone or dry masonry sheet stone wall protection.


4. Requirements of different filling methods

U.S. Highway Bridge Design Code requires that the width of the slot for backfilling in the reverse slot should not be less than the diameter of the pipe plus 400mm, nor less than 1.5 times the diameter of the pipe plus 300mm, to ensure that sufficient space is provided for installation and backfill compaction.


5. Water discharge capacity of culvert

The import and export of culverts with scouring should be set up with corresponding regulating structures according to the need, while the mouth should make necessary treatment according to the topographic conditions to prevent the hole from scouring and affecting the water discharge capacity of the culvert.


6. Construction should be chosen in the warm season

Steel corrugated culvert construction should be selected in the warm season, because the steel corrugated pipe culvert materials are metal, the purchased pipe joints and connection bolts, etc. need to be anti-corrosion treatment, in addition, due to the construction of the site inevitably local anti-corrosion coating defects and damage, need to take certain remedial measures according to the specific situation, such as additional coating.


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Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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