Safety Measures for Steel Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Apr. 11, 2020

Safety protection measures for steel corrugated pipe culvert:

1. First of all, establish and improve the safety production leading group mainly based on the managerial department, strengthen the production principle of "management of production, must manage safety", and implement the production responsibility system of safety personnel.

2. Adhere to the regular safety education, speech and inspection system for the construction of steel corrugated pipe culverts, and establish safety supervision posts.

3. Establish a safety leadership group with the first person in charge as the core, and use management personnel and full-time safety personnel as the backbone to implement the safety production responsibility system.

4. Safety warning signs are set at road intersections and construction sites; light warning signs are set at night operations; construction personnel must wear safety helmets; special personnel must hold a certificate to take up their posts.

5. Strengthen work safety education and publicity, strengthen the safety awareness of all employees, establish a work safety assurance system, institutionalize work safety management, and regularize education.

6, Steel corrugated pipe culvert in the arrangement, inspection, implementation of the construction task at the same time, must take into account and ensure the safety work, safety throughout the construction process.

7. Work out a practical and safe organization design for production construction and implement it conscientiously.

Steel corrugated pipe culverts have the advantages of thin pipe joints, light weight, easy transportation and storage, simple construction technology, and convenient on-site installation, which solves the structural damage problems of bridges and pipe culverts in northern cold areas, quick assembly, and short construction period. In order to prevent corroded corrugated pipe culverts, the inner and outer surfaces of the corrugated pipe joints and fastening connecting bolts were hot dip galvanized. The thickness of the galvanized layer is ≥63μm, the average thickness of the galvanized layer is 84μm; 

Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Problems in the construction of corrugated pipe culvert:

(1) The construction of steel corrugated pipe culverts should be selected in the warm season, and the air temperature should be higher than 0 &, generally in northern China, it should be controlled from the end of April to early November, and the cold areas should be controlled from the end of May to ten. At the beginning of the month, the construction season in some extremely cold areas should be controlled between June and September.

(2) Because the structure and functional materials are all metal, anti-corrosion treatment is required for the purchased pipe joints and joint screws.Besides, it is difficult to avoid the exposed anti-corrosion layer on the local facial part due to the on-site construction In case of accidental damage, it is necessary to take certain remedial measures according to the situation, such as additional coating.

(3) The steel corrugated pipe culvert is suitable for deformation and has strong experience.It is not necessary to think of it and use a cement foundation.It is enough to use a gravel cushion, especially in soft soil areas, accumulated frozen areas and expansive soil areas. It is better to use a gravel foundation than a cement foundation if it is appropriate. In cold and cold areas, the basic material is best considered to be suitable and use naturally-produced gravel with a certain grade.The maximum particle size does not exceed 50mm, and the content of powder and clay particles below 0.074mm cannot exceed 3%. Requirements, maximum particle size requirements and frost resistance requirements of foundations.

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