Main features of Corrugated Culvert

May. 28, 2019

Main features of Corrugated Culvert

Bellows mainly include Metal Corrugated Culvert , bellows expansion joint, bellows heat exchange pipe, diaphragm membrane box and metal hose. Metal bellows are mainly used to compensate the thermal deformation of pipelines, shock absorption, and absorption of pipeline settlement deformation, etc., widely used in petrochemical, instrumentation, aerospace, chemical, power, cement, metallurgy and other industries. Other materials such as plastic bellows in the medium transmission, power threading, machine tools, home appliances and other fields have an irreplaceable role.

Spiral Corrugated Culvert

A pressure measuring elastic element in a pressure measuring instrument. It is a cylindrical thin-walled corrugated shell with multiple transverse ripples. The bellows have elasticity and can produce displacement under the action of pressure, axial force, transverse force or bending moment.

Bellows are widely used in instruments and meters. They are mainly used as measuring elements of pressure measuring instruments to convert pressure into displacement or force. The corrugated tube has thin wall and high sensitivity.

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