Connection method of HDPE corrugated culvert

Jul. 29, 2019

Connection method of HDPE corrugated culvert

General HDPE  Corrugated Culvert Pipe method can be divided into: sleeve connection, socket connection, thermal shrinkage belt connection three. According to the actual construction conditions, adopt different connection methods, such as serious seepage ditch, generally use the casing connection and socket connection.


Sleeve classification, generally divided into glass and steel sleeve sleeve. Glass fiber sleeve material is made of glass fiber and gelcoat, the inside and outside wall is smooth, coated with a layer of paint, hardness is greater than bellows. Suitable for all sizes of pipe; PE casing material is PE, internal and external walls are smooth, good toughness, suitable for the tube diameter of 500. Strict sealing of pipes is required, such as in sewer, PE casing is generally not recommended, glass fiber casing is recommended;

Corrugated Culvert Pipe


Casing connection installation procedure

Check - lower pipe - clean - install seal - install casing - clean and lubricate - connect pipe - check

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Corrugated culvert

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