Features And Application Range Of Steel Anular Corrugated Pipe

Apr. 11, 2019

Due to the creep of plastics at room temperature and stress, brittle fracture will occur under the action of higher lasting stress, so the allowable stress and bearing capacity of pure plastic pipes are very low (generally within l.mpa). The mechanical strength of Steel Anular Corrugated Pipe is about 10 times of that of thermoplastics, and it is very stable and does not creep in the temperature range of plastics. After the steel skeleton is combined with plastics, the steel skeleton can effectively restrain the creep of plastics and greatly improve the durable strength of plastics.

Steel Anular Corrugated Pipe

The strength of plastic pipes generally decreases with the increase of the temperature within the range of its service temperature. The strength of plastic pipes decreases by more than 10% for every 100C increase of the temperature. As about 2/3 of the strength of the steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is borne by the steel wire skeleton, its strength decreases to a lower degree with the increase of service temperature than that of any kind of pure plastic pipe. The test results show that the strength of the steel wire mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe decreases to less than 5% with every increase of lOoC.

Rigid, impact resistance, good dimensional stability, and a moderate degree of flexibility and flexibility of the elastic modulus of Corrugated Steel Culvert Pipe is usually a density polyethylene elastic modulus of about 200 times, due to the strengthening of the steel skeleton so that the steel wire mesh framework of plastic composite pipe rigidity, impact resistance and dimensional stability is better than any kind of pure plastic pipe. At the same time, because the mesh steel framework itself is a kind of structure, so that the composite pipe in the axial direction also has a certain degree of flexibility, so the pipe has the characteristics of rigid, flexible combination, in loading and unloading, transportation, installation of adaptability and operational reliability is very good.

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