Three Requirements for Steel Corrugated Culvert in the Early Stage of Construction

Oct. 21, 2020

Steel corrugated pipe China has excellent mechanical properties, is easy to install, and has good durability. It can solve the problem of culvert damage caused by uneven foundation settlement.

1. Construction requirements

1.1. Always request

The construction of steel corrugated culvert is not restricted by the season, it can be installed and used all year round, and the installation time is short.

2.1. Anti-corrosion request

The materials of steel corrugated culvert are all corrugated steel plates, and the purchased pipe sections and connecting bolts are all treated with hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, and the thickness is greater than or equal to 84μm. In addition, because the on-site construction inevitably shows defects and damages in the anti-corrosion coating of local parts, it is necessary to adopt certain remedial measures according to the specific situation, such as adding an asphalt coating.

2. Material requirements

2.1. Basic information request

Usually, because the steel corrugated culvert is a steel structure, its habitual deformation ability is relatively strong. The gravel foundation is adopted, and the thickness of the foundation is ≥ 0.6m to satisfy the compaction requirements of the construction, the minimum strength of the filler, the maximum particle size and the foundation foundation. Antifreeze request. The replacement depth is usually determined based on the local freezing depth. The foundation of the structure should be set up as far as possible to avoid the junction of the soft layer and the rock. When it cannot be avoided, the soft area should be tamped with excellent graded gravel (thickness greater than 0.6m), and the rock area should be excavated at least 0.3m before use Loose gravel to reduce relative displacement. Taking into account the groundwater and its influence, it is recommended that gravel foundation should also be used in non-frozen areas. Generally, when the gravel material is sparse or the gravel gradation is poor in some areas, it can also be replaced with gravel, gravel or river (mountain) sand and gravel soil, but the compaction request, the minimum strength of the filler, and the maximum grain Path request and antifreeze request.

2.2. Request for backfilling information on both sides and top

Fill the subgrade section, and fill with gravel on both sides of the structure. The filling scale should be no less than 0.5 times the aperture of the structure and no less than 0.5m. The top filling scale should not be less than 0.5m. The backfill data request is the same as the foundation data request. Subgrade filling data can be used outside the filling scale of the top and side surfaces. For the excavated subgrade section, the two sides of the structure are filled with sand and gravel, the filling scale is not less than 0.5m, and the top filling scale is not less than 0.5m. The backfill data request is the same as the foundation data request. Subgrade filling data can be used outside the filling scale of the top and side surfaces.

Steel Corrugated Pipe China

Steel Corrugated Pipe China

3. Other requirements

When steel corrugated pipe culvert is used in highway maintenance projects, after the culvert body and the main parts of the opening are transported to the construction site, the construction unit can start the operation of removing the old culvert. When removing the old culvert, grasp the foundation The preparation of the data, the preparation of the materials is completed, and the excavation of the foundation pit can be carried out after passing the inspection. When steel corrugated culverts are used in new highway projects, the preparation of foundation materials and excavation of foundation pits can be grasped when ordering culverts.

The steel corrugated culvert structure has outstanding habitual deformation ability, excellent mechanical properties, convenient installation, and good durability, and is favored by experts at home and abroad. The selection of flexible and high-strength steel bellows culverts not only has the ability to be accustomed to foundation and root deformation, but also solves the problem of culvert damage caused by uneven settlement of the foundation, and the steel bellows culvert is made due to the existence of axial ripples. With excellent force characteristics, the axial and radial stresses and strains caused by the load are distributed together, which can dissipate the stress concentration of the load to a greater extent, and better express the advantages of the steel structure. Especially in permafrost, soft soil, swelling soil, collapsible loess and other unfavorable engineering geotechnical areas and deep and shallow fill road sections, it is more advantageous to use steel bellows to construct culverts.

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