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What Should Be Prepared Before Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe Construction?

Before the construction of steel corrugated culvert pipe:

1. The construction machinery or tools of steel corrugated culvert should be prepared before construction, such as: level, theodolite, bulldozer, sprinkler, roller, lifting equipment, socket wrench, etc. Pre-prepared materials, such as: basic backfill grit material, bolts and nuts, asbestos (or rubber) pads, etc.

2. The steel corrugated culverts and supporting parts on site should be tested. First, check whether the structural dimensions are up to the standard, and then check whether the surface corrosion protection is qualified.

3. Before the construction of the culvert, there should be a site installation commander responsible for the site operation of the hoisting and construction personnel, and two technical personnel should be set up for the line control and the installation of the steel corrugated culvert pipe. At the same time arrange the corresponding supporting personnel to do some temporary auxiliary work.

4. Look at the specific site before construction, construct construction access roads of corresponding length, and arrange and arrange passing vehicles reasonably to ensure that the construction can be carried out safely.

5. Construction is carried out in strict accordance with the drawings. First, the import order of the steel corrugated culvert pipe is checked, then the flange and the flange hole are aligned, and bolts and nuts are tightened in sequence (do not tighten too much for later adjustment), filled with asbestos pads or Rubber, and then tighten the bolts and nuts. And evenly coat the inside and outside of the culvert pipe with asphalt and other anti-corrosion materials, and finally place the corrugated culvert pipe in a fixed position, backfill the soil, and then cast the culvert hole with concrete evenly to prevent cracks in the later stage.

Factors affecting the construction period of metal corrugated culvert pipe:

When the metal corrugated pipe culvert is used in highway maintenance projects, the construction unit can only start to dismantle the old culvert after the culvert and the main parts of the opening are transported to the construction site. , And excavation work can only be carried out after passing the inspection. When metal corrugated pipe culverts are used in new highway projects, the preparation of basic materials and excavation of foundation pits can be grasped while ordering pipe culverts.

When both sides of the culvert pass through the low-lying water accumulation zone. It is necessary to set up cofferdams and pump out the accumulated water first, and if necessary, remove the sludge for replacement.

Corrugated culvert pipe suppliers can be used to produce metal corrugated pipe culverts, there are two forms of straight pipe and the slope of the same slope as the subgrade slope; also can use mortar masonry stone Or dry masonry stone masonry. Generally in cold areas, metal corrugated pipe culverts or dry masonry stones are used. Within a certain range of the entrance and exit grounds and slopes at the joint with the river bed, double-layer mortar or dry masonry should be set up to prevent erosion and necessary anti-seepage treatment; The embankment junction shall be protected by mortar masonry stone or dry masonry stone wall of a certain height and thickness (lead wire gabions may also be used).

Corresponding culvert entrances and exits shall be provided with corresponding adjustment structures, and the entrance shall be treated as necessary according to the topographical conditions to prevent the entrance from being scoured and affecting the drainage capacity of the culvert.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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