Category, application and problem solving of metal bellows

Jun. 12, 2019

Category, application and problem solving of metal bellows

Steel corrugated pipe Suppliers shares that a metal bellows is a special shaped tube named for its corrugated surface. It can be axial rotation, irregular turning, stretching and so on, in the industry has an important application. So what are the different types? What are the unique USES? What should be done if the pipe is corroded? Below we on "metal bellows category, use and problem solving" to understand in detail.

USES and types of metal bellows

1, as a sensitive element, shock absorbing element, compensation element, sealing element, valve element and pipe connecting element, pipe blank is widely used in automatic control and measurement instrument, vacuum technology, mechanical industry, electric power industry, transportation and atomic energy industry and other fields.

Usage: different metal materials are selected for different USES of the billet. Due to different materials, the properties and USES of the metal bellows processed are also different.

Steel corrugated pipe

2, the tube billet is made of thin wall stainless steel with welded pipe waveform processing, with flexible and good temperature and pressure resistance.

Application: suitable for air, steam, all kinds of industrial gases, water, oil, drugs and other kinds of fluid plays an important role in reciprocating motion, thermal expansion absorption, vibration absorption, and center adjustment of piping system.

3, the metal bellows billet is the metal hose, bellows, bellows compensator, bellows billet, automobile exhaust pipe, high pressure rubber pipe, cable threading pipe and other pipe body supporting products, the use of metal bellows billet, divided into soft state, hard state two varieties, bright and soft, reliable quality, complete specifications. The product is corrosion-resistant and beautiful in appearance, which can improve the pressure bearing capacity of the finished hose, withstand high and low temperature force, the service life of the tube body and reduce the cost.

USES: widely used in machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction and other industries.

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