Steel Corrugated Pipe Construction technology

Aug. 10, 2020

In the late 1980s, steel corrugated pipes were gradually used in culvert construction. Steel corrugated plate culvert is a circular steel structure pipe made of corrugated steel coils or assembled by corrugated steel sheets. The corrugated structure of the metal corrugated pipe culvert can make the culvert pavement bear reasonable stress, evenly distribute the load, and have a certain resistance to deformation. It can solve the problem of damage to the bridge and the concrete structure of the pipe culvert in the cold northern area (frost); Expansion joints improve driving comfort; help to improve the "stagger" phenomenon at the junction of soft soil foundation structure and embankment, and improve driving safety. The cost of post-construction operation and maintenance of bellows culverts is low, and the actual construction cost is also lower than that of bridges and culverts with similar spans.

After the steel corrugated pipe is installed, the soil and the corrugated steel plate have a combined effect, which can effectively bear the external load and achieve the effect of joint stress.

Construction technology

(1) Construction process

①Dedging and repairing. Clean up the original bridge debris, silt, etc., check the disease, and repair the cracks and cracks.

②Corrugated board installation. The corrugated plate arch is hoisted in sections to the opening under the bridge and dragged into the designated installation position, and then the next plate arch is installed. After connecting with the previous corrugated plate arch, a cushion is set to fix the plate arch. The installation of the corrugated board is carried out in this order.

③Capping. After all the corrugated plates are installed, the gap between the corrugated plate culvert and the old culvert shall be sealed. Use cement mortar to block the end.

④ Grouting (cement mortar).

(2) Precautions for construction

①Materials enter the site for inspection. Before construction, check whether the corrugated board is subject to impact, abrasion or bending deformation caused by other reasons during transportation. The damaged corrugated board should be replaced, and the scraped parts of the galvanized layer should be painted with asphalt for corrosion protection.

② The bellows end should be closed firmly, and the surface should be smooth and seamless to ensure that there is no leakage during the grouting process.

③If there is a grouting point at or around the seam of the corrugated pipe during grouting, grouting should be suspended, and the grouting mouth should be blocked with water glass cement mortar before continuing grouting.

Steel Corrugated Pipe

3. Features and advantages of steel corrugated pipe culvert

① Strong resistance to deformation and settlement. Steel corrugated pipe culvert has the characteristics of rigidity and flexibility, and is suitable for areas with low foundation bearing capacity, such as soft soil, expansive soil and collapsible loess. In addition, it can also be applied to earthquake-prone areas.

②Compared with similar span bridges and culvert projects, in terms of construction materials, labor, etc., steel corrugated plate bridges and culverts have lower engineering costs. Large-scale equipment is not required on the construction site, which is easy to install. After passing relevant operation guidance and training, the construction personnel will immediately Operable and can effectively reduce labor costs.

③ A lot of practice shows that steel corrugated plate bridges and culverts have a short construction period and good durability. Related data show that the service life of galvanized corrugated steel plates can reach 60-80 years.

④ Short construction period. The steel corrugated pipe is easy to install on site, does not require large-scale equipment, is not affected by seasons and geological conditions, is convenient and quick to install, has a short construction period, and does not affect road traffic.

Steel is the main raw material, and the amount of other materials, such as cement, stone and sand, can be effectively reduced without affecting the environment. The problem of "misalignment" at the junction of soft foundation structures and embankments can be effectively solved, which can effectively improve driving safety, facilitate maintenance, and effectively reduce subsequent maintenance costs.

Practice has proved that steel corrugated culvert pipe has the advantages of wide applicability, low engineering cost, convenient construction, and short construction period. Especially in the repair and reinforcement of old bridges, it will not affect road traffic and has great Strong practicality. As more and more highway transportation infrastructures are put into use, the application and development prospects of steel bellows will be broader!

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