How to correctly select metal corrugated compensators?

Jul. 25, 2016

The metal corrugated compensator is a kind of pipeline component whose application is very wide. It is usually composed of single or multiple steel corrugated pipes. Usually, the metal corrugated compensator is also called corrugated metal pipe or expansion joint, and its main function is to compensate the displacement and muffler damping of equipment lines. Generally speaking, according to the external factors like environment conditions, metal corrugated compensators are designed to be axial, lateral and angular. How to correctly select metal corrugated compensator? Yitong Pipe, one of corrugated metal pipe manufacturers in China, will give you the answer.

1.Use the right displacement amount so as to rightly select expansion joints.

2.Select the nominal pressure level is the key to give full play the role of the expansion joint. The choice should be based on nominal pipe actual maximum operating pressure and maximum operating temperature.

3.In the choice of expansion joints, users should indicate the type size, medium, maximum operating temperature, maximum working pressure, the amount of compensation as well as connection type and size in the contract.

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