Construction scheme of metal corrugated culvert in different seasons

May. 13, 2019

Construction scheme of metal corrugated culvert in different seasons shared by Steel corrugated pipe Suppliers.

I. winter metal corrugated culvert construction measures:

1, the welding temperature should be not less than 20 ℃, and the snow, wind and other measures should be taken to reduce the temperature difference of weldment. It is forbidden to contact ice and snow immediately after welding.

2, winter mixing concrete should be strictly controlled the mix ratio of concrete and slump, aggregate must not contain ice and snow and frozen mass. Before feeding, use hot water or steam to wash the mixing plate or drum of the mixer. The adding sequence should be aggregate and water first, and then cement should be added after slightly stirring, and the mixing time should be 50% longer than normal temperature.

3, concrete pouring should choose a sunny day, and ensure the completion of cooling, at the same time should be carried out insulation maintenance, concrete strength to meet the design requirements before freezing.

4, the concrete temperature should not be below 10 ℃, the heat preservation measures, its transportation equipment should have and should maximize reduce transport time, mould temperature should be not less than 5 ℃.

5, concrete transport vehicles to have insulation measures, as far as possible to shorten the transport time of concrete.

Steel corrugated pipe

Ii. Construction measures of steel corrugated culvert pipe during rain

1. During the rainy period, the construction should be arranged in advance and completed before the arrival of rain as far as possible. There are waterproof facilities around the foundation pit to prevent the surrounding water from flowing into the foundation pit.

2. Increase the detection frequency of water content of sand and stone, timely adjust the mix ratio of concrete, and ensure the mixing quality of concrete.

3. Metal corrugated culvert pipe shall be covered to prevent corrosion. When connecting metal corrugated culvert pipe, a temporary rainproof shed should be set to prevent erosion by rain water.

4. Special attention should be paid to the protection of power supply lines. The gate box of on-site electromechanical equipment should be covered and moisture-proof.

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