Structure and Characteristics of Metal Steel Corrugated Culvert

Apr. 08, 2020

1.1 Structure

Metal corrugated culvert pipe generally has three basic forms of culvert pipe, arch culvert and pipe arch culvert. The connection forms are mostly bolted, riveted and sleeved. In the process of engineering application, the most common form is culvert pipe; When the diameter of the culvert is 30-3750px, it is usually assembled by two semicircles with the same diameter. If the diameter is greater than 3750px, it is usually assembled by multiple pieces.

1.2 Force characteristics

1.2.1 Strong deformation ability

The metal steel corrugated culvert is a flexible structure. The corrugated pipe has the excellent characteristics of lateral compensation for displacement in the structure. It can give full play to the characteristics of strong tensile strength and excellent deformation performance of the steel. The problem of destruction of the superstructure is avoided, thus avoiding the bridge jumping site, improving the comfort and safety of driving, and solving the problem of inconsistency between the settlement of the masonry culvert and the settlement of the roadbed.

1.2.2 Durability

Corrugated culvert pipe is generally processed and manufactured by the factory. Before leaving the factory, the culvert and supporting accessories are hot dip galvanized. Each process has strict quality inspection and control. Asphalt is brushed to further enhance the protection and anti-corrosion of its appearance to increase its design life. In the later operation process, it can also be reinforced by adding an asphalt coating on the inner wall of the pipe according to specific conditions, which is more durable than traditional masonry culverts. Good, low maintenance costs, low reconstruction probability and other advantages.

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe

1.2.3 Simple construction and short cycle

The construction period of the metal steel corrugated culvert is short, and the civil construction and profile installation can be implemented separately, and then assembled as a whole. In addition, the use of metal bellows is convenient for on-site installation. Generally, high-strength bolts are used for installation. Simple installation tools are required for installation, and all manual installations can be used, without the need for large equipment.

1.2.4 Less ecological damage and environmental protection

Steel corrugated culvert pipe main body is made of steel, but the structure of the opening part of the use of some stone and other building materials, using metal steel corrugated culvert to reduce or fundamentally discard conventional building materials, such as cement, yellow sand, stone The use of wood has little damage to the surrounding construction environment, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

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