The Adaptability of Steel Bellows Culvert to Foundation

Jul. 09, 2020

The following mainly introduces the adaptability of steel corrugated pipe culvert to the foundation:

The demand for steel corrugated culvert pipes will increase significantly. With the continuous improvement of steel corrugated pipe culvert related application research and application standards and specifications of various industries, the demand for steel corrugated pipe culvert will increase significantly in the future. The main influencing factors include the following four aspects:

First, large-scale infrastructure construction spurs domestic demand and brings rigid demands for traditional application fields of steel bellows such as roads, railways, and water conservancy;

The second is the expansion of application fields brought about by the increasingly mature application technology, such as the internal pipe network, mining, storage, water conservancy facilities and other fields of various industrial projects that have been widely used abroad.

Third, the rising labor cost and the cost of traditional building materials will improve the competitive advantage of steel bellows;

Fourth, the increased awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of soil and water conservation requirements will lead to a wider range of applications.

Among them, the strict environmental protection policy makes the substitution of bellows for cement and concrete pipes, and as China ’s urban waterlogging improves the relevant sewage design, drainage design and soil and water conservation standards, it will bring about huge municipal engineering transformation. demand. In addition, the environmental issues of the galvanizing process after forming first will bring about the demand for hot rolled heavy galvanized sheets.

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipes

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipes

It is undeniable that on the one hand, it is difficult for major corrugated pipe enterprises to purchase hot-rolled galvanized sheets for corrugated pipe manufacturing on the one hand; on the other hand, due to the low price of ordinary hot-rolled sheets, the cost of using local galvanizing is relatively low In order to reduce costs, even if the pollution is more serious, many companies choose the local method of galvanizing. With the tightening of the national environmental protection policy, the future local galvanizing process will be completely banned, which will bring about the demand for hot rolled heavy galvanized sheet coils that are suitable for various uses. At present, my country's related equipment and production lines are also blank.

Manufacturing process and equipment technology progress. In order to meet the individual needs of downstream customers, such as large-diameter, special-shaped, multi-purpose pipes and tanks, but also to meet their own efficiency and product quality needs, steel corrugated culvert pipe manufacturing enterprises will continue to improve process technology and equipment. At present, the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign equipment and technology is the most effective way to shorten the gap between my country and advanced countries.

Corrugated Culvert Pipe Suppliers believe that: according to foreign economic and social development laws, the demand for steel corrugated culvert pipes will increase substantially with the development of urbanization and expansion of infrastructure construction. Moreover, strict environmental protection policies will also force existing steel bellows manufacturing enterprises to abandon the process of first forming and then galvanizing, which will bring about the demand for hot-rolled heavy-galvanized steel coils.

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