What Are The Benefits Of Galvanized Corrugated Steel Pipe?

Feb. 27, 2023

Corrugated steel culvert pipe can be divided into spiral corrugated steel round pipe, circular corrugated steel round pipe, and circular steel structure pipe made of rolled or assembled with waveform steel sheet. They are generally used for culverts buried under roads and railroads.

Galvanized Corrugated Steel Pipe

Benefits of the corrugated structure

The corrugated structure of corrugated pipe can make the culvert road surface force reasonable, load distribution is uniform, and has a certain resistance to deformation, can solve the problem of cold areas in the north (frost) on the bridge and concrete structure of the pipe culvert damage; so that the road surface without expansion joints, improve the comfort of driving; conducive to improving the soft ground structure and embankment junction of the "wrong platform" phenomenon, improve the safety of traffic.


Performance advantages of zinc plating

Corrosion resistance

The zinc plating layer is used in complex atmospheric environments acid rain, atmospheric industrial pollution, high humidity and high temperature, sand, especially in special geographic environments such as salt lakes, offshore, high salt deposits, and other places. So the corrosion resistance of galvanized corrugated steel pipe is better than traditional corrugated pipe by more than several times.

High-pressure resistance

For large projects such as highways and railroads, high pressure and impact resistance are essential. Galvanized corrugated steel pipe has a higher stiffness value than steel, so its impact and abrasion resistance is excellent. In addition to its high strength and corrosion resistance, galvanized corrugated steel pipe has good flexibility and resistance to deformation, making it far more durable than the conventional corrugated pipe.


Moisture resistance

Galvanized corrugated steel pipe plating material near the incision by dissolving into the bare metal surface attached to the water film, and constantly migrate to the bare incision location, forming a protective film to separate the external corrosive media from the bare metal matrix, thereby preventing further corrosion of the bare incision. The whole process will continue for a long time. This protective film is less conductive and has an inhibiting effect on the corrosion of the cutting surface.


Low cost

The zinc coating has a high microhardness and is not easily scratched. It is less likely to chalk and flake off during the stamping process, less likely to contaminate the die, and can reduce the number of times to clean the die. Zinc plating has a low coefficient of friction, which decreases with the number of stamping passes and is not sensitive to temperature.


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