The Technical Requirements For Corrugated Culvert Pipe Construction

Dec. 04, 2020

The Technical Requirements For Corrugated Culvert Pipe Construction

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(1)When corrugated culvert pipe is used in highway maintenance projects, after the culvert body and the main parts of the opening are transported to the construction site, the unit can begin to remove the old culvert. While removing the old culvert, pay close attention to the preparation of the basic data. The material preparation is completed and the excavation work of the foundation pit can be stopped before passing the inspection. When corrugated pipe culverts are used in new highway projects, the preparation of foundation materials and the excavation of foundation pits can be grasped while purchasing and transporting culverts.

(2)When both sides of the culvert pass through the low-lying water accumulation zone, it is necessary to first set up a cofferdam, drain the accumulated water, and clean up and replace the local silt when necessary.

(3)The import and export can use the metal bellows joints manufactured by the manufacturer. There are two ways of straight pipe and inclined upward tooth opening with the slope rate of the roadbed side slope; or according to the detailed conditions of the local area, it can be made of mortar-stone or ten-laying Stone masonry. Generally in icy areas, metal bellows joints or dry rubble are used.

At the junction of the riverbed and the riverbed, in and out of the U air and within a certain range of the side slope, double-layer mortar masonry stones or a thousand masonry stones should be set up to avoid erosion. And necessary anti-seepage treatment should be taken; in order to avoid roadbed soil blocking the culvert opening, The embankment junction is protected by a certain height and thickness of mortar and dry stone walls (lead wire cages can also be used).

(4)Corresponding regulation structures should be set up at the entrance and exit of culverts that are scoured, and the openings of the culverts should be dealt with in accordance with the topographical conditions to prevent the openings from being scoured and affecting the culvert's ability to discharge water.

Advantages of corrugated culvert Pipe

(1)Reduce or completely abandon the use of conventional building materials, such as cement, yellow sand, stones, and wood, which has far-reaching environmental protection significance.

(2)The structure of culverts, bellows culverts, steel bellows culverts, and metal bellows culverts has reasonable stress, uniform load distribution, and certain resistance to deformation.

(3)Centralized production in the factory, production is not affected by the environment, which is beneficial to reduce costs and control quality.

(4)Culverts, bellows culverts, steel bellows culverts, and metal bellows culverts are easy to install on site without the use of large-scale equipment.

(5)Solve the problem of damage to bridges and pipe culvert concrete structures in northern cold regions (frost).

(6)Corrugated culverts help to improve the "staggered" phenomenon at the junction of soft soil foundation structures and embankments, improve driving comfort and reduce post-work operation and maintenance costs.

(7)Culverts, bellows culverts, steel bellows culverts, and metal corrugated culvert China have strong ability to adapt to foundation deformation, and have lower requirements for foundation bearing capacity and flatness. The actual construction cost is similar or lower than that of bridges and culverts with similar spans.

(8)Short construction period is an obvious advantage. Civil engineering and pipe joint installation can be implemented separately.

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