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What Are The Basics of Corrugated Pipes?

Corrugated Pipe Role 

1. Reduce internal stress. Internal stress simply means: in the working environment due to a variety of reasons the pipe can not be installed so suitably. Then there will be additional forces in the axial or angular direction. Or elongated or shortened. This is too hard for ordinary steel pipes. Can not be installed is not installed, rubber hose and not durable. So the good way is to use stainless steel metal hose. In its bending radius, its internal stress is very small, which is good and easy to install.

2. Pipe displacement. Stainless steel metal hoses in many cases are installed in often part of the displacement or often move the place. For example, the injection tank of liquefied gas, hydraulic machinery equipment with the operation of the machinery will have the corresponding vibration. These places should not only be corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant but also anti-vibration.

3. So the metal hose is very suitable for the role of shock absorption. The general hose has the role of vibration damping, stainless steel metal hose is no exception. Not only can improve the ability of the system fatigue damage, but also reduce noise. Especially in the coal mine, chemical industry. So the use of a metal hose is very suitable.

Steel irrigation culvert pipe

Working Pressure and Main Parameters

1. Pressure according to the specific working pressure of the hose. Then check the nominal diameter of the corrugated with the pressure table, the decision is not the application of stainless steel mesh sleeve type. Size hose nominal diameter, the use of connection head form (key with flange connection, threaded connection, quick coupling connection) and the size of the hose, hose length.

2. State according to the state of the hose application. Refer to the correct application and installation method of the metal hose and the appropriate length of the hose in the settlement compensation. Hose various movement state length calculation and hose very small bending frequency and very small bending radius and other elements.

3. The main parameters of the correct choice of hose length, and the correct installation. The working temperature and range of the medium inside the temperature hose. The ambient temperature of the hose when working. High temperature, must be according to the working pressure-temperature correction coefficient of metal bellows at high temperature, clear temperature adjusted pressure, in order to clearly use the correct pressure level.


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Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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