Why Is Corrugated Steel Pipe The Best Choice For Engineering?

Nov. 15, 2021

Corrugated steel pipe is a flexible structure. Corrugated pipe has excellent characteristics of lateral compensation displacement in structure, which can give full play to the characteristics of steel with strong tensile performance and superior deformation performance. It has large deformation resistance and settlement resistance. Especially suitable for soft soil, swelling soil, wet sinking loess and other areas with low foundation bearing capacity and earthquake prone areas.   


Construction key technology of corrugated steel pipe


1. Cold and frozen areas for material requirements are high, especially the content of powder viscous particles should be strictly controlled to prevent the production of severe frost swelling resulting in culvert damage.

2. Construction season should be strictly controlled to prevent construction in the freezing season to affect the quality of the project.

3. In order to prevent the phenomenon of cheap axis of pipe rolling during construction, the surface of the compacted foundation can be carved into a groove about 500px deep in the shape of concave arc to place the culvert pipe. At the same time, both sides are backfilled with D/4, D/2, D height and compacted on both sides respectively.

4. The filler on the side and top of the foundation and culvert pipe should be compacted in layers, and the compaction should reach the requirements. Otherwise, it is easy to cause stress concentration of culvert pipe, deformation of welded pipe and jumping of both sides of culvert pipe.

5. The culvert pipe assembly should strictly control the longitudinal slope of the bottom of the culvert pipe and strengthen the anti-corrosion measures of the joint. Ensure that a certain degree of pre-arch must be considered in culvert construction.

6. Pipe joints should take anti-bumping measures in transportation, loading and unloading works to avoid damage to pipe joints.

7. The foundation sampling should be based on design requirements or engineering experience. For different areas in the culvert pipe longitudinal appropriate reserved certain pre-arch, such as soft soil areas pre-arch control value in about 0.5%. A certain degree of pre-arch must be considered in the construction of longer culverts.


Advantages of corrugated steel pipe


1. Factory production, short production cycle. Therefore, it is suitable for the project with high quality requirement and tight schedule.

2. The construction of corrugated steel pipe only needs to deal with the foundation and import/export, and the amount of sand and stone material is small. Therefore, it is suitable for areas where sand and stone are lacking.  

3. Corrugated steel pipe instead of reinforced concrete for culvert construction is good for solving the problem of damage of concrete structure of pipe culvert in winter in cold areas in the north. It is suitable for the highland area.

4. The construction of corrugated steel pipe only needs little labor. Therefore, it is suitable in the area of labor shortage.

5. Because the construction of corrugated steel pipe is simple and the construction period is short. Generally the construction time of one culvert is within one working day. It shortens the exposure time of perennial frozen soil and the freezing and thawing volume is small. Therefore, it is especially suitable for perennial permafrost areas. The construction of corrugated steel pipe causes little damage to the environment and is suitable for the areas with fragile ecological environment.  


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