Solution for 3D Corrugated Steel Structure

Solution for 3D Corrugated Steel Structure

3D wave arc, excellent seismic performance;

Suitable for high fill, large longitudinal slopes and other terrains, with strong structural stability

The 3D wave arc boasts exceptional seismic performance and is ideal for challenging terrains such as high fills and large longitudinal slopes, thanks to its robust structural stability.

In some projects, we've opted for a low arch design with a large span. Given the considerable span and minimal rise, traditional corrugated steel structures may face challenges in maintaining strength, particularly with small-radius arch shoulders.

To overcome these challenges, we've embraced the use of 3D wave technology. This innovative approach ensures enhanced strength, even with small-radius arcs, thus addressing concerns about structural integrity.

The arch's profile shape resembles a box, and with the incorporation of 3D wave technology, it meets all strength calculation requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Special Customization

The function, size, and appearance can be based on different application scenarios and industries

Provide OEM/ODM services,support field conditions investigation, etc

Steel plate thickness: 1.6mm-10mm,

Span: 300mm-25m,

Waveform: 68X13mm, 147X47mm, 152X51mm, 200X55mm, 381X140mm

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