The Reliability of the Metal Corrugated Pipe

Jul. 28, 2020

The reliability of the metal corrugated pipe is consist of the design, manufacture, installation and operation management, etc. We should consider the reliability from these aspects.

We should consider the working medium, temperature and external environment, water treatment agent, pipeline cleaner. Besides all the factors we mentioned before, we need take the welding, molding and the performance cost into consideration, then we can choose the economic and practical material of the corrugated metal pipes.

Under normal circumstances, the following condition should be satisfied:

(1) High elastic limit, strength of extension and fatigue strength, in order to guarantee the normal work of the corrugated metal pipes.

(2) Better plasticity.

(3) Good corrosion resistance which can satisfy the requirement of corrugated pipe working under different condition.

(4) Good welding performance which can meet the requirements of corrugated pipe welding.


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